Garmin G3X LRU Kit


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Garmin G3X LRU Kit

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The Garmin G3X system is designed around the GDU 370/375 series of panel-mount displays and the G3X suite provides and easy-to-install, non-TSO'd option that gives you the option of choosing just a single glass display that combines the fill primary flight (PFD) attitude/directional guidance with electronic engine monitoring and detailed moving-map multifunction (MFD) capabilities.  You can expand to a dual display option or even 3 displays can be interlinked in the panel, with full reversionary backup for added safety and redundancy.  The G3X system uses the latest in GPS-aided digital GSU-25 ADAHRS (Air Data and Attitude Reference System).  Better still, the complete sensor package - ADAHRS and EIS engine monitoring, plus magnetometer and temperature probe - takes up just a fraction of the space and weight previously required by conventional gyro-based instrument systems.

The integrated SVX synthetic vision technology provides a 3-D "virtual reality" perspective of what lies ahead. The system pulls together information form the built-in aviation basemap and terrain elevation database, letting you clearly visualize terrain features, obstacles, waterways and airport locations on the 7" high-definition display.  In addition to its detailed terrain map, the G3X system come preloaded with geo-referenced Garmin FliteCharts, which displays a graphical representation of your aircraft overlaid directly onto AeroNav IFR approach plates.  Couple the G3X system with the G3X Autopilot System to provide sophisticated flight control modes.  It will even fly a preset vertical navigation (VNAV) profile down to minimums when combined with GTN or GNS series avionics.

The G3X system makes weather and traffic monitoring easier with optional equipment.  You can interface with the GDL-39 ADS-B receiver allowing you to display subscription-free FIS-B weather information and TIS-B traffic.  For those that have come to rely on XM WX Satellite Weather, you can access it through the GDU-375 display, which features a built-in XM receiver (subscription required and XM antenna required).  With a GTX-23/ES transponder, not only will you become ADS-B "Out" compliant, but you'll also be able to receive Traffic Information Service (TIS) alerts from ground-based tracking stations.


G3X Systems Include:  GDU Display(s), GSU-25 ADAHRS, GEA-24 Engine Instrument Module (EIS), GMU-44 Magnetometer and GTP-59 OAT Probe.  Installation kits for the GSU-25, GEA-24 and Engine Sensor Kits are sold separately.  

SKU # K10-00016-05 does not come with the EIS Interface.